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We have a few gyms across Singapore for your convenience.

There are plenty of places where you can learn Muay Thai in Singapore. We currently offer a few locations across Singapore. They can be found at the top of this page under the menu. You no longer have to play host to pity parties thinking ‘no Muay Thai Gyms near me’ because our new Muay Thai training program has your best interests at heart. With us, you will learn how to excel in the combat sport.

Where You Can Learn Muay Thai

There are many Muay Thai gyms and training institutes in and around Singapore which we support. Both large and small training established are available, as are private, one-on-one coaches. Your choice will ultimately be determined by the kind of experience you are looking for. How much you are willing to spend on your training is another factor that will influence your choice of training program. Decide whether you want:

  • A Muay Thai gym. This is perfect for you if you love the challenge offered by the gym experience. You have the advantage of engaging in a variety of gym exercises in addition to the standard Muay Thai moves. Large in space,you will be in the company of equally enthusiastic trainees who will make your learning experience a lot more fun.
  • A Muay Thai training program in digital format. This is by far the most convenient way of learning Muay Thai. Likewise, they are available in abundance in Singapore. Best of all, they are compiled by Muay Thai instructors with years of experience to their name. These are top professionals selflessly pouring out their expertise, and sharing proven ways of learning Muay Thai with you.

Over and above the convenience of learning at your preferred time and pace, digital Muay Thai programs come with lots of tips and industry secrets that will simply blow your mind. You will wonder why you never got started learning this sport earlier.

Enroll in the gym or opt for training videos and you will be that friend who always quips, “I had no idea these Muay Thai options were right before me all this time!” when hanging out with your mates.

If you are looking for an above average Muay Thai learning experience, consider signing up for my Muay Thai training program. It is one of the most advanced training programs in Singapore right now.

Here is What You Will Learn

Singapore Muay Thai programs offer the complete Muay Thai experience. Lessons come in packages most of the time. Trainers can also charge per training or per session, depending on your chosen package. Either way, you will be a qualified Muay Thai fighter at the end of your training. You will be able to do all these with the fierceness of a real fighter:

  • Muay Thai elbows-Pretty lethal, these.
  • Kicks-All kinds of them, from the teep to the switchkick and the feared roundhouse kick.
  • The clinch-And how to properly clinch during combat
  • Defensive moves
  • Plus a host of advanced techniques such as the flying knee, superman punch and spinning back elbow.

Indulge yourself with a tried and tested Muay Thai program and come out of it a warrior!

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